Car insurance quotes for younger drivers

When you’re young, you just get on with today and rarely think about tomorrow. As those hormones kick in and the teen years begin, there’s a little more sense that there may be dangers in the world. But most just assume they collected a pass on birth and will happily survive until old age (that’s at least 35 in modern terms). As applied to driving, this explains the point and aim approach most adopt. With all the metal around them as their personal shield against injury, they just go. If the cell phone rings, they must answer. If text messages come in, those thumbs just text right back. Social networking is far more important than eyes on the road. With this attitude, it’s hardly surprising that the youngest drivers hold the world record for the numbers killed, maimed and merely injured. Indeed, death by driving is the most common cause of death between 16 and 24 years. We are more lethal to ourselves than any disease can be. Worse, some 8,000 deaths a year are among young drivers full of alcohol or drugs. This is a death wish in action. First you incapacitate yourself, then you get behind the wheel of a killing machine. This leaves an average 50,000 who are seriously injured and the 85,000 who are able to walk away (well, limp away).

Make no mistake. This is not the fault of the police. In some cities, there are curfews in operation and all young drivers in breach are arrested. High schools, colleges and universities have alcohol control policies to limit the amount consumed at official functions. But the sad reality is that the young see laws and authority figures as an annoying distraction. They want to enjoy themselves and there ain’t nothing gonna stop them. Indeed, they celebrate the fact of their arrests. It proves their street cred.

Now, of course, this is a terrible stereotyping of the young, There are thousands of responsible young people on the roads in every state. But with the accident statistics there for everyone to see, the insurance companies react by increasing the premium rates to the maximum. If drivers are able to prove themselves safer than average, they earn a car insurance discount. This means no accidents and no tickets, hopefully taking at least one approved driving course, and maintaining a good average GPA. Perhaps not surprisingly, young women usually manage this. It’s the young men who seem addicted to speed both in the vehicle and in the pills.

Against this background, young drivers (or their parents if they are the ones to pay for the insurance) should get as many car insurance quotes as possible. There can be significant differences in the premium rates between companies. Some use high car insurance quotes as a way of deterring young drivers. Other are more accepting of the risk and offer a lower rate. By shopping around, you can find out whose quotes seem the most realistic and then start negotiating for even lower rates. A telephone discussion often produces suggestions on how to qualify for further discounts. Be positive and you will get reduced rates.

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