Cheap auto insurance that gives you the best protection

We all are looking for the best cheap insurance we can get. To do that we use site like this one to compare shop, get multiple quotes, and then buy the one that saves us the most money. Sometimes though, if we look at price alone we may be shortchanging ourselves. The cheapest premium might not be what is best. When an accident happens with an automobile you are legally responsible to pay to make things right again. You are liable, financially responsible for your actions.

Consider that settlement costs can run between 3x to 10x the cost of medical treatment plus any loss of wages and additional costs (like needing to hire people to do tasks the injured party was responsible for). If we assume moderate medical expenses for head and neck injury resulting from rear end collision totaling $25,000 for medical and another $5,000 for lost wages (negate any other costs) and give the bottom estimate of 3x compensation for pain and suffering the total is $90,000. What if there were 2 people in the car, not one. We keep the same scale, now the medical liability costs for the accident are $180,000. If you are carrying a basic auto insurance policy with the state minimums like $50,000/$100,000 ($50K max per person/$100K max per accident) you have to liquidate your assets (maybe sell your house) to cover that debt.

The cheap premium comes with a punch if you don't understand the rules of liability. You contract the insurance company for a finite limit, but the accident may cost more. You are still legally responsible to pay. State minimums are generally a marker for what a very low injury accident costs with one person within that jurisdiction. It is just enough to keep the government from paying the cost of your bad driving.

In order to protect your family, and your standard of living you need to purchase a liability limit that keeps you from selling your assets to cover and accident. If your home and assets are worth $500,000 you should carry enough to cover $500,000. Depending on your insurer the difference between $50K coverage and $500K coverage can be as little as $100 over a year. A hundred dollars to save your house! Now that's cheap auto insurance that works for you. When comparing quotes, have a good understanding of what you are worth, then choose the best policy that protects you; it isn't always the cheapest premium.

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