Start your car insurance quotes before you buy

Buying a car is an emotional thing. The automobile manufacturers know this. They hire the best advertisement agencies to get you to buy and to buy your loyalty. They teach their sales people to push those buttons. They are in business to get the most dollars out of you for their product. While you can talk to your friends and to your family like an adult as to why you bought a certain car...the child inside of you really made the purchase.
If you think this isn't true, then know that you could get to work just as reliably in a grey box with something just slightly more comfortable than a lawn chair that met all of the safety standards and emission standards. You bought the midnight blue xxx because the child in you felt gratified in doing so.

Funny thing is, the car insurance companies don't care what buttons were pushed before your purchase, you own it now. The insurance company only cares about the risk they take when they insure your car. Moreover, their inner child for the insurance company is driven by the profits the executives see in the company.

How can you beat this game when it is time for you to buy a new car check the National Institute for Highway Safety website. Find out what the "Insurance losses by makes and models page" has to say. You will get glimpse into what the insurance companies use to set your premiums. It gives the numbers for property damage, comprehensive damage, personal injury, medical payments and bodily injury graphically positioned by, manufactures, models, and size categories. You can see where they paid out the most amount of money and the least amount of money dependent upon the car, regardless of how good a driver you are.

Be an educated consumer. You know you have to buy insurance for your new car. You know you need a new car. Why not look at the cheapest models to insure to save you on insurance premiums, then go look at the cars and take a test drive. Pick a couple of models you like and compare the car insurance quotes. Whatever you pick, you will know you at least walked the adult in you down to the showroom. What you choose is still up to you!


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